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Notes from a Translator

So, while I love translating and editing texts for others, writing my own content intended for the public eye is a little out of my comfort zone! But it's about time I challenged myself to do it: as my first blog entry, I'll start with a little more of an introduction about me and my translation journey so far.

I started my little business over 5 years ago. I chose the name AA Translation and Language Services because of my convenient initials at the time, AA. However, they've since changed to AP, but what can you do?!

At the time I set up AATLS, I was studying for my MA in Applied Translation Studies at the University of Leeds while also working for a publishing services company where I gained invaluable experience working in the academic publishing industry. Checking French to English translations of orthopaedics papers, I started to become quite familiar with all kinds of terminology related to joints and bones.

After graduating, I went on to work for a company specialising in sports and betting content, where I got more hands-on experience translating and editing Russian to English content and reviewing content in a variety of languages. I absolutely loved being on a constant learning curve, involved as I was with multiple projects and multiple languages. And perhaps the best part was speaking with people from around the world on a daily basis.

Working with freelancers and discussing their translations out of English provided fresh insight into the kind of considerations that are needed for different text types: when to use some artistic licence (without of course compromising the fundamental meaning) and when to go for absolute clarity above all else.

After moving away and working remotely for a while, I decided it was time to become my own boss and develop AATLS on a full-time basis.

People and their history, society and culture are my passion, and this is what drives my translation interests.

Whether it be website and marketing content, or articles, reports, press releases or content for museums, I love reading, learning and finding the best way to communicate ideas to English-speaking audiences.

Next up, I’ll be talking about my experiences teaching English as a foreign language, and how this continues to help me every single day in my translation and editing work.

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